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What's "confurg"?

confurg is a node.js configuration loader: supports chaining, command line options, ENV variables, and more.

confurg is opinionated and has a clear order of precedence.

The config file formats can be either CSON or JSON.


Just require and tell confurg what your project is called:

config = require("confurg").init "myproject"

In this example, confurg will check the following locations in decreasing order of value:

1. Command line options such as --bar=baz
2. ENV variables prefaced with myproject_ 
3. /home/{user}/.myproject.cson
4. ./config.cson, based on the location of the script that required confurg
5. Defaults passed into initialization: require("confurg")({ ... },{ defaults: "go here" })

confurg will return an object containing the merged results of all 5 locations.

confurg performs a deep merge, which means:

if /home/you/.myproject.cson contains

            bar: "one"

and ./config.cson contains

            baz: "two"

the result will be

            bar: "one"
            baz: "two"

Regarding environment variables

Most shells are very strict with variable names. Bash only allows alphanumerics and underscores. Your project should be named appropriately (my_project instead of my-project) if this is an important factor.

Additionally, to overwrite deeply nested config values, simply replace dots with a double underscore:

    $ export myproject_foo__bar__baz="value"

the above would overwrite the following:

in your config.


The recommended way is through npm:

$ npm install confurg

Otherwise, you can check confurg into your repository and expose it:

$ git clone git:// node_modules/confurg/

confurg is UNLICENSED.