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Confetti enriches your slide deck.

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[ Please note: The project is still under construction. It's not a stable version. :) ]

Confetti is the static site generator that helps you to enrich, publish and share beautiful HTML5 presentations. Confetti provides a way to turn your slides in an amazing online presentation using any of supported themes. It also allows to let advanced CSS and JavaScript for customized slide decks. Why not get started now?



Install the library as any other global npm package. Be sure to have npm, git and node installed. If your computer already has these, just install Confetti with npm:

$ npm install confetti-cli -g

Quick Start

Setup your slide deck

The init command create a folder (named deck) with the assets that make up a slide deck.

$ confetti init
$ cd deck

Start the server

Confetti includes a local server utility to allow quick live-previewing of the slide deck.

$ confetti server


For detailed usage please head to


Confetti © Andrea Mangano, Released under the MIT License. · Twitter @andreaman87


Licensed under MIT License. © Andrea Mangano.