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Welcome to Confectus, your friendly tool for automating development environment setup!


Confectus is a Command Line Interface (CLI) designed to simplify the process of configuring development environments, whether for frontend or backend projects using JavaScript and TypeScript.

Project Configuration

Confectus simplifies the setup of projects with various configuration options:

Backend and Frontend Configuration

  • You can set up your project using TypeScript or JavaScript.

Linters Integration

  • Confectus allows you to include ESLint or Biome in your project setup if you prefer linting.

VSCode Integration

  • If you are using VSCode, Confectus automatically creates a settings.json file within the .vscode directory of your project. This file includes configurations tailored for a seamless development experience within VSCode.

Git Integration

  • Confectus automatically generates a .gitignore and file tailored for Node.js and TypeScript/JavaScript projects, ensuring that unnecessary files are excluded from version control.

Package Manager Compatibility

  • Confectus is compatible with various package managers, including NPM, Yarn, PNPM, and Bun. You can choose the package manager that best suits your workflow during the configuration process.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

  • Linux and Windows Support: Confectus works on both Linux and Windows environments, providing a consistent experience across different operating systems.

Testing Options

  • Confectus introduces testing options for backend projects, allowing you to test your setup and configurations for a smoother development process.

Key Features

  • Simple Configuration: Confectus makes setting up your development environment an easy and effective task.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Confectus supports both Linux and Windows environments, making it even more user-friendly.
  • Fullstack: Confectus helps you in both Frontend and Backend environments, making it even more useful.


To get started, ensure you have Node.js installed. Then, use the following command to install Confectus:

npm install -g confectus  #recommended

Confectus is designed not to necessarily be a dependency on your project. Just run the command, select what you want to configure, and you're free!

How to use Confectus

After installation, you can use Confectus as follows:

confectus #if installed globally


cf #if installed globally


npx confectus

After running the command, you just need to select the options that you want to and let's code!


If you encounter issues, bugs, or want to contribute to Confectus development, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.

Thank you for using Confectus!

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