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    This module lets you authenticate GRPC calls using JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) created by Keycloak in your Condor GRPC services.

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    Condor is a GRPC Framework for node.


    This module extends condor-jwt and offers additional features for integration with keycloak:

    • Handles public key rotation retrieval
    • Allows live token validation (using introspection)
    • Multi-tenancy support, by allowing multiple realms


    npm i --save condor-framework condor-jwt-keycloak

    How to use

    The JWT middleware decodes and verifies a JsonWebToken passed in the authorization header. If the token is valid, context.token will be set with the JSON object decoded to be used by later middleware for authorization and access control. (See condor-authorize)

    const Condor = require('condor-framework');
    const jwt = require('condor-jwt-keycloak');
    const Greeter = require('./greeter');
    const options = {
      'url': 'http://localhost:8080/auth',
      'realm': 'master',
    const app = new Condor()
      .addService('./protos/greeter.proto', 'myapp.Greeter', new Greeter())
      // middleware below this line is only reached if JWT token is valid
      .use((context, next) => {
        console.log('valid token found: ', context.token);


    Allows all the options of the condor-jwt module. And also:

    Option Description Default
    url The authorization server URL. E.g. http://localhost:8080/auth. Required.
    realm The realm name. E.g. master. Required unless allowAnyRealm is true.
    allowAnyRealm Allow to authenticate against any realm in the authorization server. false
    minTimeBetweenJwksRequests How many milliseconds should have elapsed before trying to get JWKs from keycloak again 10000
    introspect Perform live validation using token introspection. false
    clientId Client ID setup in keycloak. Required when introspect is true.
    clientSecret Client secret (can be found in keycloak, under credentials tab). Required when introspect is true.

    Additionaly, you can send any option of the verify method of the jsonwebtoken. Such options will be used to verify the token.

    License and Credits

    MIT License. Copyright 2017

    Built by the GRPC experts at Devsu.


    npm i condor-jwt-keycloak

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