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Compressible Content-Type / mime checking


Compressible Content-Type / mime checking.

$ npm install compressible
var compressible = require('compressible')

Checks if the given Content-Type is compressible. The type argument is expected to be a value MIME type or Content-Type string, though no validation is performed.

The MIME is looked up in the mime-db and if there is compressible information in the database entry, that is returned. Otherwise, this module will fallback to true for the following types:

  • text/*
  • */*+json
  • */*+text
  • */*+xml

If this module is not sure if a type is specifically compressible or specifically uncompressible, undefined is returned.

compressible('text/html') // => true 
compressible('image/png') // => false