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    Compost.js: Composable data visualization library

    Compost is a data visualization library that lets you compose rich interactive data visualizations from a small number of basic primitives. The library is based on the functional programming idea of composable domain-specific languages. Compost is simple (implemented in just 700 lines of code) and easy to understand. Compost is a plain JavaScript library. You use it by writing JavaScript code that generates a chart using some 15 basic Compost primitives.

    For more information, see the Compost web page and documentation.

    Getting started with Compost

    Compost is written using the F# language and compiled to JavaScript using the Fable compiler. To build Compost, you will need to install .NET Core. You may also want to get the Ionide plugin for Visual Studio Code.

    Developing Compost

    To work on Compost, you can use the WebPack dev server. The following will serve the public/index.html file and compile the src/project/demos.js source code at http://localhost:8080

    npm start

    Building Compost

    There are two ways to build Compost. Running npm run build will use fable-splitter to generate nice JavaScript files for a NPM package in the dist folder, which is then packaged and published on NPM. Running npm run standalone builds a standalone JavaScript file that is added to the releases folder of the docs with the current version number in the filename (and also updates the latest file). This should all happen automatically when using npm run release.

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