mirror a repo, make a component, publish it


componentize, run, use with

Maintaining 3rd party modules is a pain in the back and nobody has time for that.

This will:

  • create a new folder with named <component name>
  • clone the repo into <component name>/src
  • save the componentizr configuration in <component name>/config.json
  • create a componentizr.js file you can run with cron or whatever you want to update the component with the latest version of your favorite 3rd party lib.

Take a look at leostera/angular.js, you can actually use it with component install leostera/angular.js and then require('leostera/angular.js') or setup your own aliases for it.

That's componentizr.

This is definitely a WIP. Help me out so we can stop maintaining 3rd party modules to use with, file an issue, submit a pr, or just start componentizng more modules and let me know.