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componentize, run, use with


Maintaining 3rd party modules is a pain in the back and nobody has time for that.



This will prompt for data and then:

  • create a new folder with named <component name>
  • clone the repo into <component name>/src
  • save the componentizr configuration in <component name>/config.json
  • create a componentize.js file you can run with cron or whatever you want to update the component with the latest version of your favorite 3rd party lib.

Keep in mind that this is in a very early stage and thus some things like multiple scripts, dependencies, specific branches, and so on should be added manually in the config.json file that is generated for you until I can sort them out into the cli.


Take a look at leostera/angular.js, leostera/backbone.js or leostera/underscore.js. You can actually use it with component install leostera/angular.js and then require('leostera/angular.js') or setup your own aliases for it.

That's componentizr.

now what

This is definitely a WIP. Help me out so we can stop maintaining 3rd party modules to use with, file an issue, submit a pr, or just start componentizng more modules and let me know.