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Tip component


Tip component. Inspired by tipsy without the weird jQuery API.

Live demo is here.

$ npm install component-tip
  • events for composition
  • "auto" positioning on window resize / scroll
  • fluent API
  • show the tip is shown
  • hide the tip is hidden

Equivalent to Tip(el, { value: string }).

Attach a Tip to an element, and display the title attribute's contents on hover. Optionally apply a hide delay in milliseconds. Also if static is true the tip will be fixed to its initial position.

var tip = require('tip');
tip('a[title]', { delay: 300 });

Create a new tip with content being either a string, html, element, etc.

var Tip = require('tip');
var tip = new Tip('Hello!');'#mylink');
  • top
  • top right
  • top left
  • bottom
  • bottom right
  • bottom left
  • right
  • left


  • auto set to false to disable auto-positioning

Show the tip attached to el, where el may be a selector or element.

Show the tip at the absolute position (x, y).

Hide the tip immediately or wait ms.

Attach the tip to the given el, showing on mouseover and hiding on mouseout.

Use effect name. Default with Tip.effect = 'fade' for example.