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Post-install script for npm(1) which makes a component to be a valid node module.

It loops through a packages installed in a node_modules dir and creates additional files effectively aliasing short component names with names created by npm(1).

Please note! Post install scripts are considered to be a bad practice. In this concrete case there should not be any practical downside. Nevertheless it is a break for convention. For example, some tool might be confused. So, please, you use this script only for private needs or as a temporary hack.


Just create a package.json for the component you want to publish and specify component-npm-post-install as a post install script.

  "name": "foo",
  "dependencies": {
    "bar": "*",
    "org-baz": "*",
    "org-qux": "org/url-of-foo-on-github",
    "quux-very-strange-npm-suffix-to-avoid-ns-clash": "*",
    "component-npm-post-install": "*"
  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "component-npm-post-install"

As a result you will have addional baz.js, qux.js, quux.js files in node_modules. They have a form of:


module.exports = require("org-baz")

For this to work every npm package must include component.json.


with npm

npm install component-npm-post-install


Another way to consume components from node is to require them.