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Require components from node programs


It allows you to require components from node programs.

Lookup algorithm is slightly different from component/builder.js in that it does not respect .paths field from component.json.

Require stand-alone component (with all dependencies in a ./components dir):

var component = require('component-as-module')
var min = component('/path-to/component-min')

Setup loader:

var boot = component('boot', function(loader) {
  // add lookup paths 
  // enable dev dependencies 
  // register node module as a component 
  loader.register('foo', require)

Alternative way to require components is to create a special "require" function:

var req = component.createRequire(function(loader) {
var min = req('component-min')

This differs in that all loaded components are preserved between calls, so, for example, requiring component-min the second time is fast and you get the same instance.

with npm

npm install component-as-module

To run tests

npm install -d
npm test

There is also component-npm-post-install script which can be used to make component package compatible with npm.