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Complex JSON to CSV Converter

A simple JSON to CSV converter that handles objects and nested documents.

  • In the web version, conversion happens inside the browser, in straight JavaScript. It may choke on large files.
  • With complex-csv2json.js, it can be run via the command line. It uses to deal with large files.

To install and run via the command line:

  • npm install -g complex-json2csv
  • type the name of the command and provide an input file
    • complex-json2csv inputfile.json - this will print the output to the screen.
    • complex-json2csv inputfile.json > outputfile.csv - this will print output to a csv file
  • jsonsplit inputfile.json [records] - this will split the file into records based on the [records] size
    • If you do not specify size, it defaults to splitting by 100000

(Web tool originally from; command line tool complex-csv2json and jsonsplit by @DanaMLewis.)