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# Cordova RAM Info Plugin

The Cordova RAM Info Plugin is a simple Cordova plugin that allows you to retrieve information about the device's RAM (Random-Access Memory). It provides details such as total RAM, used RAM, free RAM, and RAM usage percentage.

## Installation

To use this plugin in your Cordova project, you can install it using the following command:

cordova plugin add cordova-ram-info


Once the plugin is installed, you can use the CordovaRAMInfo object to retrieve RAM information in your JavaScript code.

    function(info) {
        // Handle the RAM information here
        console.log("Total RAM: " + info.totalRAM + " bytes");
        console.log("Used RAM: " + info.usedRAM + " bytes");
        console.log("Free RAM: " + info.freeRAM + " bytes");
        console.log("RAM Usage Percentage: " + info.ramUsagePercent + "%");
    function(error) {
        // Handle any errors here
        console.error("Error: " + error);

The getRAMInfo method returns an object with the following fields:

  • totalRAM: The total physical RAM available on the device in bytes.
  • usedRAM: The amount of RAM that is currently in use in bytes.
  • freeRAM: The amount of free RAM available for use in bytes.
  • ramUsagePercent: The percentage of RAM usage, calculated as (usedRAM / totalRAM) * 100.

Platform Support

This plugin is designed to work on both Android and iOS platforms. The native implementations for retrieving RAM information are platform-specific and are provided for both Android (Java) and iOS (Objective-C).


This Cordova plugin is released under the MIT License. You are free to use, modify, and distribute it as needed. See the LICENSE file for more details.

Issues and Contributions

If you encounter any issues with this plugin or would like to contribute to its development, please visit the GitHub repository and open an issue or pull request.


This Cordova plugin was created by Your Name.


Special thanks to the Cordova community and the developers who have contributed to the Cordova project.

Happy coding!

Please replace `yourusername` with your GitHub username and update the author's name and contact information accordingly. Additionally, you may want to provide more detailed installation instructions if your plugin has any specific dependencies or configuration steps.




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