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    Hubot Github Bot

    A hubot script to list and recurrently remind you about open pull requests. Optionally receive direct messages when you are assigned to a pull request in your organization or for a specific repo or set of repos.


    • coffeescript
    • cron
    • octokat
    • moment
    • underscore
    • fuse.js


    • HUBOT_GITHUB_TOKEN - Github Application Token
    • HUBOT_GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET - Optional, if you are using webhooks and have a secret set this for additional security checks on payload delivery
    • HUBOT_GITHUB_URL - Set this value if you are using Github Enterprise default: https://api.github.com
    • HUBOT_GITHUB_ORG - Github Organization Name (the one in the url)
    • HUBOT_GITHUB_REPOS_MAP eg."{"web":["frontend","web"],"android":["android"],"ios":["ios"],"platform":["web"]}"

    Note: As of v3.3 the HUBOT_GITHUB_REPOS_MAP now expects an array for the value in the map to support multiple repos per channel


    • hubot github open - Shows a list of open pull requests for the repo of this room
    • hubot github reminder hh:mm - I'll remind about open pull requests in this room at hh:mm every weekday.
    • hubot github list reminders - See all pull request reminders for this room.
    • hubot github reminders in every room - Be nosey and see when other rooms have their reminders set
    • hubot github delete hh:mm reminder - If you have a reminder at hh:mm, I'll delete it.
    • hubot github delete all reminders - Deletes all reminders for this room.

    Notifications via Webhooks

    In order to receive github notifications you will need to setup a github webhook for either your entire organization or per repository. You can find instructions to do so on Github's website. You will need your hubot to be reachable from the outside world for this to work. GithubBot is listening on /hubot/github-events. Currently the following notifications are available:

    • Pull Request Assignment (please ensure the webhook sends pull request events for this to work)

    Note: in order for direct messages (notifications) to work GithubBot attempts to fuzzy match the github name or github login to someone on your team. It has been tested primarily on the Hubot Slack adapter, but it should work elsewhere. If GithubBot cannot find a matching user it drops the notification and logs the failure to the console.


    npm i commodore-github-bot

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