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Turn a git log into a stream of commit objects

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commitStream([defaultGithubUser, defaultGithubProject])

Returns an object stream that you can pipe a stream of newlines from the output of git log to. The output of the stream is a series of objects, each representing a commit from the log.`

Intended to be used on a standard log format (not a simplified one using one of the simplifying --format options) but it will also process change stats if you git log --stat.

Typical usage:

import { spawn } from 'node:child_process'
import split2 from 'split2'
import listStream from 'list-stream'

spawn('bash', ['-c', 'git log'])
  .stdout.pipe(split2()) // break up by newline characters
  .pipe(commitStream('rvagg', 'commit-stream'))

function onCommitList (err, list) {
  // list is an array of objects

Commit object properties:

  • sha: the full commit sha
  • author: an object representing the author of the commit
    • name: the name of the committer
    • email: the email of the committer
  • authors: a list of such objects representing the authors of the commit, supporting multiple authors through Co-authored-by:
  • authorDate: a string representing the date of the original commit by the author (never change)
  • commitDate: a string representing the date of the last change of the commit
  • summary: the one-line summary of the commit
  • description: the free-form text content of the summary, minus specific metadata lines
  • reviewers: an array containing objects with name and email properties if the commit metadata contains reviewers in a Reviewed-By: Foo Bar <baz@boom> format.
  • changes: if --stat data is included in the git log, an object containing change stats:
    • files: the number of files changed
    • insertions: the number of new lines inserted
    • deletions: the number of old lines removed
  • prUrl: a URL pointing to a pull-request where this change was made if the commit metadata contains a PR-URL: line. Note that whatever proceeds the PR-URL: string will be collected in this property; one exception being that if a shortened #XX version is found and you have supplied defaultGitHubUser and defaultGitHubProject arguments to the constructor then a full GitHub pull-request will be reconstituted in its place.
  • ghUser, ghProject, ghIssue: if a proper GitHub pull request is found for the prUrl property (including shortened #XX ones), these properties will be added to point to the original user, project and issue (pull-request) for this change, as extracted from the URL. Also, if a commit message line ends with (#XX) as is done with green-button merges, this will be used.


commit-stream is Copyright (c) 2015 Rod Vagg @rvagg and licenced under the MIT licence. All rights not explicitly granted in the MIT license are reserved. See the included file for more details.




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