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    CommentCoreLibrary 弹幕核心通用构件

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    The CommentCoreLibrary is a set of Javascript modules that make up the core controller for comments streaming on top of timed media (video or audio). It is intended as a catalyst for the development of timed "danmaku" comments in HTML5.

    Developers willing to incorporate similar comment streaming functionalities inside their own projects (whether web based or not) are encouraged to learn from and extend from the CommentCoreLibrary.


    We have a live demo here. Feel free to open tickets if this demo test has bugs.


    The CommentCoreLibrary is licensed under the permissive MIT License. If you wish to use this in any project, you can simply include the following line:

    CommentCoreLibrary (// - Licensed under the MIT license


    With bower: bower install comment-core-library

    With npm: npm install comment-core-library

    For Rails, installing with rails-assets is recommended

    In Gemfile:

    # Add as the new gem source 
    source ''
    gem 'rails-assets-comment-core-library'

    Examples and Documentation

    • Documentation can be found inside the docs/ folder.
    • Experimental modules are in experimental/.
    • You may test using test data found in test/.


    We encourage any contributions to this project, please read CONTRIBUTING for details on how to contribute to the project.

    Also, feel free to have a look at our sister project ABPlayerHTML5 for a reference implementation of a video player with CommentCoreLibrary.


    npm i comment_core_library

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