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Welcome to the Community, the place to exchange additonal realvirtual industrial components like kinematic and logical 3D components or additional automation interfaces. We invite your to share and participate.

realvirtual-community is a Unity based framework for simulation and virtual commissioning of industrial processes. More information can be found on our Website

For using components of realvirtual-Community or adding your own components you need to use Starter or Professional. You can get them on the Unity Assset Store here:

Professional Version

Starter Version

Staying up to date

If you would like to be updated about new relases, events and changes on realvirtual-Community please join our Linked-In User group here:

Using the forum

For any questions of comments please use our public forum here

Using realvirtual-Community

You can use game4automation-Community free of charge but you will need to have a Starter or Professional license (you can already start for about 10$)

For installation of these community assets please check

Contributing your own components to Community

We would be very happy if you are contributing components to Community. Please send your components to

Please follow these rules if you are contributing components:

  • use always the latest realvirtual Version (Starter or Professional)
  • create your own subfolder with your name under Assets\realvirtual-Community, e.g. like we did Assets\realvirtual-Community\in2sight
  • include everything what is needed into your subfolder, including materials, 3d prefabs, additionals scripts and so on
  • if needed please add some documentation in your subfolder as a file.

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