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    UnityAds 3 Plugin

    Cordova / PhoneGap Plugin for UnityAds ver 3.x


    1. Description
    2. Plugin Background
    3. Features
    4. Quick Start
    5. Installation
    6. Usage
    7. Methods
    8. Android ARCore Setup
    9. Credits
    10. Donations
    11. Legal


    This Cordova / PhoneGap plugin enables the integration of Unity Ads video ads into your cordova mobile games or apps in a way that both increases player engagement and puts more money in your pocket over the gamer’s lifetime. Unity Ads offers the highest Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of any global rewarded video ad network.


    A couple of years ago, and after a great mistake, I got banned from Google AdsMob network. After appels to the mercy of Google, explaining what happens... I remain banned for life. This put me on a very bad situation those days, with a very short list of good monetizing alternatives. This ends the day I learn about UnityAds

    After the end of the UnityAds 1.x and 2.x Api era, I have to move forward and Implement UnityAds 3.x on my projects. Implement it on the Unity Game Engine was a breeze, But then I didn't found any solutions to implement version 3.x on my html5, cordova, construct 2 or 3 projects. That my friends, makes this cordova plugin a reality. Oh well, it was basically, necessity!


    Platforms supported:

    Ad Types:

    • [x] Non Rewarded Video
    • [x] Rewarded Video
    • [x] Banner Ads
    • [x] AR Ads


    	# create a demo project
        cordova create test1 com.yournamehere.test1 Test1
        cd test1
        cordova platform add android
        cordova platform add ios
        # now add the plugin, cordova CLI will handle dependency automatically
        cordova plugin add com-artemisoftnian-plugins-unityads3
        # now remove the default www content, copy the demo html file to www
        rm -r www/*;
        cp plugins/com-artemisoftnian-plugins-unityads3/example/basic/* www/;
    	# now build and run the demo in your device or emulator
        cordova prepare; 
        cordova run android; 
        cordova run ios;
        # or import into Xcode / eclipse


    • If use with Cordova CLI:
    cordova plugin add com-artemisoftnian-plugins-unityads3
    • Using NPM npm install com-artemisoftnian-plugins-unityads3


    Step 1: Go and create a new project for the desire platform in UnityAds portal, Step 2: Write the specified id's in your javascript code.

    // select the right Ad Id according to platform
    var gameId = "Android or iOS Game ID";
    var videoAdPlacementId = "Video Placement ID";
    var rewardedVideoAdPlacementId = "Rewarded Placement ID";
    var arAdPlacementId = "AR AD Placement ID";
    • Important (9-15-2021) - app-ads.txt
    • If you are using Banner Ads, be sure to implement app-ads.txt as described in the app-ads.txt support page. Otherwise, banner demand may be significantly decreased.
    • Important: Enabling AR content through Unity: Contact Unity Ads to enable AR content, providing the following information:
    • Your Project ID
    • The ID for the dedicated Placement to display AR content

    After playing around and complete your tests, remember to put isTest = false when building for production.


    // Initialize UnityAds
    UnityAdsInit(gameId, isTest, isDebug, fn);
    // Video Ads Related (Regular Placement ID|Rewarded Placement ID)
    ShowVideoAd(videoPlacementId, fn);
    GetPlacementState(videoAdPlacementId, fn);
    //Banner Related
    ShowBannerAd(bannerAdPlacementId, bannerPosition,  fn);
    //Manually Set UnityAds Privacy and GDPR consent (true|false)
    ManualGdprOpts( consent, fn);
    anualCcpaOpts( consent, fn);
    ManualCustomAgeGates( useroveragelimit, fn);

    Android ARCore Setup

    UnityAds SDK Allows AR Ads on Android, but for this to work You will need to manually add the following entries on the AndroidManifest.xml on your project.


    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA" />

    ARCore Entries inside the section

      <meta-data android:name="" android:value="24" />
      <meta-data android:name="" android:value="optional" />

    Note: Before You can use any Related AR Ads you need to ask to permissions to the Unity Teams. Use the following guide as reference: UnityAds AR Ads Documentation


    This project is created and maintained by Waldemar Medina. Available for project outsourcing and or consulting services. Let me hear about it. I can help in your project.

    Check Out my UnityAds addon for Construct 3


    Unity, GDPR and Data Privacy – FAQ


    Now that You end your reading, (I know You where curious) please consider supporting Artemisoftnian with a donation, a cup of coffee or maybe a slice of pizza :)


    or You can become a Patreon and support even more deeply, mysterious and secret stuff:


    • Get acess to the Cordova Plugin Source Code
    • Get acess to the Construct 3 UnityAds3 Plugin Source Code


    npm i com-artemisoftnian-plugins-unityads3

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