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Colorus is a versatile tool designed for seamless color manipulation across various formats. Whether you're handling RGB, HSL, HSV, or CMYK colors, Colorus streamlines the process, offering a hassle-free experience for managing colors in your projects.

The key features of Colorus include:

  • Color Format Conversion: Effortlessly convert between different color formats such as RGB, HSL, HSV, and CMYK using a straightforward API.
  • Color Manipulation: Adjust colors with ease using functions like lightening, darkening, saturating, desaturating, mixing, or changing hue to achieve your desired effects.
  • Customizable Formatting: Tailor the output format of colors to your needs with options for minification and CSSNext compatibility.
  • Contrast Ratio Calculation: Ensure accessibility compliance by calculating the contrast ratio between colors, aiding in meeting web accessibility standards.


You can install Colorus via npm:

npm i colorus-js


const { Colorus } = require('colorus-js')

// Create a new Colorus instance
const color = new Colorus('rgb(255 0 0)')

console.log(color.colorType) // Returns: 'rgb'
console.log(color.lighten(0.2).toHex({ minify: true })) // Returns: '#F33'

API Reference


Utility that provides methods for working with colors.


Creates a new Colorus instance with the provided input.

constructor(input?: AnyColor)
  • input: The color input string or object.


  • colorType: Get the type of the current color.
  • luminance: Get the relative luminance of the current color.
  • rgb: Get the sRGB object representation of the current color.
  • hsl: Get the HSL object representation of the current color.
  • hsv: Get the HSV object representation of the current color.
  • cmyk: Get the CMYK object representation of the current color.


  • toHex(options): string: Convert the current color to hexadecimal format.
  • toRgb(options): string: Convert the current color to RGB string format.
  • toHsl(options): string: Convert the current color to HSL string format.
  • toHsv(options): string: Convert the current color to HSV string format.
  • toCmyk(options): string: Convert the current color to CMYK string format.
  • toNamed(): string: Convert the current color to its nearest CSS named color representation.
  • mix(input, amount): Colorus: Mixes the current color with another color.
  • lighten(amount): Colorus: Lightens the current color.
  • darken(amount): Colorus: Darkens the current color.
  • saturate(amount): Colorus: Saturates the current color.
  • desaturate(amount): Colorus: Desaturates the current color.
  • hue(amount): Colorus: Changes the hue of the current color.
  • alpha(amount): Colorus: Changes the alpha (opacity) of the current color.
  • contrastRatio(backgroundColor): number: Gets the contrast ratio between a foreground color and its adjacent background.
  • invert(): Colorus: Inverts the color using sRGB values.
  • grayscale(): Colorus: Converts the current color to grayscale.

Static Methods

  • test(input): string | null: An analytical method to quickly test the input for any valid color. Returns the type of the color (e.g.: 'rgb') if the color is valid, otherwise null.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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