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Batch your InfluxDB UDP writes to not flood your network with calls. With a minimum byte size, tiny UDP writes are avoided.


const client = InfluxDB(options)

const client = InfluxDB(options)


  • .port - influxdb port
  • .host - influxdb host
  • .minlength=1500 - don't send data until this approximate packet size is reached
  • .maxlength=10000 - prematurely send data if the approximate package size is larger than this
  • .interval=1000 - interval to send packets

client.send(database, documents)

Send documents to a database. You could send one document or multiple.

client.send('my.database', {
  user: 'asdf'
client.send('my.other.database', [
    user: 1
    user: 2