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    A Vue.js data table component


    name ( type ) [ default ]
    data-source (string | array) [ required ]

    If data-source is a string, a GET request will be made to that URL. Otherwise, if data-source is an array, that will be used as the table data.

    columns (array) [ required ]

    An array of the table columns an their parameters. Possible values:

    • name Name displayed on table
    • data (string) Key referenced in data
    • data (function) A function determines column render. It is passed the data row.
    • type There are two options here:
      • 'numeric'. This facilitates accurate sorting. By default sorting uses String's localeCompare function.
      • 'button' A button object with possible title, class and click properties
    • visible Whether or not a column should be initially visible

    Note: By default boolean table values are converted to Yes/No for true/false respectively. This behavior can be overwritten with the function data data type.

    checkboxes (boolean) [ false ]

    When enabled, the first column of the table will contain checkbox inputs.


    rowsPerPage (integer) [ 20 ]

    Number of rows to display

    visiblePageRange (integer) [ 6 ]

    Number of pages to be visible in the page selector

    skipRange (integer) [ 5 ]

    How far the >> and << buttons should skip

    Table Controls

    exportButton (boolean) [ true ]

    Whether or not the export button should be visible

    columnsButton ( boolean ) [ true ]

    Whether or not the column selector button should be visible

    filter ( boolean ) [ true ]

    Whether or not the filter should be visible

    buttons ( array )

    An Array of button objects that will be listed next to the other table buttons. The format for the buttons is as follows:

        title: 'Title displayed on button',
        click: (checked rows or all rows if checkboxes are disabled) => { ... }


    npm i coins-vue-data-table

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