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    Microsoft® Cognitive Services SDK for Node.JS

    By Maria Ines Parnisari and Josh Balfour

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    Unofficial SDK for Microsoft® Cognitive Services written for Node.JS.

    Usage of Microsoft® Cognitive Services is bound by their Terms and Conditions.

    Getting Started

    To get started first sign up and grab your API keys. Then figure out which API you want to use, you can find descriptions here.

    To use this SDK in your project, run npm install --save cognitive-services.

    Then make a JS file in your project directory and add the following:

    const cognitiveServices = require('cognitive-services');

    You are now ready to use the APIs, for example:

    const parameters = {
        "mode": "proof",
        "mkt": "en-us"
    const body = "Text=Bill+Gatas"
    const spellCheckClient = new cognitiveServices.bingSpellCheck({
        apiKey: "YOUR-API-KEY",
        endpoint: "YOUR-ENDPOINT"
    }).then(response => {

    If you want to see more examples of use you can see within the test folder.


    PRs are welcome! If you want to contribute, follow these steps:

    1. You need to have Node >= 10.0.0. (Tip: use nvm!)
    2. Download the source code and run npm install.
    3. Update the file tests/config.js with your own API keys.
    4. Run npm test.

    NOTE: if you want to run the tests in just one class, change describe to describe.only and run npm test.

    Supported APIs

    • Knowledge
      • [x] Recommendations
      • [x] QnA maker (v2 and v4)
      • [ ] Knowledge exploration
      • [ ] Custom decision service
    • Language
      • [x] Bing spell check (v7)
      • [x] Text analytics
      • [x] Translator Text
      • [x] LUIS
    • Search
      • [x] Bing Autosuggest (v5 and v7)
      • [x] Bing Image Search (v5 and v7)
      • [x] Bing News Search (v5 and v7)
      • [x] Bing Video Search (v5 and v7)
      • [x] Bing Web Search (v5 and v7)
      • [x] Bing Entity Search
      • [ ] Bing Custom Search
    • Speech
      • [x] Speaker identification
      • [x] Speaker verification
      • [x] Bing Speech
      • [ ] Translator
      • [ ] Custom speech service
    • Vision
      • [x] Computer vision
      • [x] Emotion
      • [x] Face
      • [x] Content moderator
      • [x] Video indexer v2 (in progress)
      • [ ] Custom vision service


    Microsoft, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This project was done without the knowledge or endorsement of Microsoft®.


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