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Adds coffeelint support to brunch.


Install the plugin via npm with npm install --save-dev coffeelint-brunch.

Or, do manual install:

  • Add "coffeelint-brunch": "x.y.z" to package.json of your brunch app. Pick a plugin version that corresponds to your minor (y) brunch version.
  • If you want to use git version of plugin, add "coffeelint-brunch": "git+ssh://".

By default, only files in your are linted.

You can customize coffeelint config by changing brunch config using the native coffeelint options:

config =
      pattern: /^app\/.*\.coffee$/
          level: "ignore"

You can also use the standard coffeelint.json file instead of adding exceptions in the brunch config:

config =
      useCoffeelintJson: yes

In the second case, any rules in plugins.coffeelint.options are ignored and instead coffeelint is supplied with the contents of the coffeelint.json file found in the root directory as the configuration object.

Every sub-option (pattern, options, useCoffeelintJson, globals) is optional.


Copyright (c) 2012 "ilkosta" Costantino Giuliodori.

Licensed under the MIT license.