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Coffeescript/Node.js Library to enqueue jobs to the Sidekiq Queue.

This is a very trivial implementation. I will implement more features when I need them. Feel free to contribute.


You can add coffeekiq: "~>0.0.1" into your package.json or use npm install coffeekiq

# Creates an instance of CoffeeKiq 
CoffeeKiq = require('coffeekiq').CoffeeKiq
# Without Redis AUTH 
coffeekiq = new CoffeeKiq "redis_port""redis_host"
# With Redis AUTH 
coffeekiq = new CoffeeKiq "redis_port""redis_host""redis_password"
# Enqueues a Job to redis namespace: "" and retry: false 
coffeekiq.perform 'queue''WorkerClass'['arg1''arg2']
# Enqueues a Job to redis with namespace: "myapp:staging" and retry: true 
coffeekiq.perform 'queue''WorkerClass'['arg1''arg2'],
  namespace: "myapp:staging"
  retry: true