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Personality Tool for CodeX Editor

This tool allows you to create Personality block in your articles.


Install via npm

npm i --save codex.editor.personality

Connect with Webpack

Include module in your application

var cdxEditorPersonality = require('exports-loader?cdxEditorPersonality!codex.editor.personality');

Include CSS filee

@import url("~codex.editor.personality/personality.css");

You will need exports-loader, css-loader and file-loader.

Install directly

  1. Download folder
  2. Add personality.js and personality.css files on your page


Pass new tool to the codex.editor.start method in tools array:

personality: {
    type             : 'personality',
    displayInToolbox : true,
    iconClassname    : 'cdx-personality-icon',
    prepare          : cdxEditorPersonality.prepare,
    render           : cdxEditorPersonality.render,
    save             :,
    validate         : cdxEditorPersonality.validate,
    destroy          : cdxEditorPersonality.destroy,
    enableLineBreaks : true,
    showInlineToolbar: true,
    config: {
        uploadURL: '/uploadPhoto',
  1. Specify config.uploadURL with route for file uploading.

File uploading

To set personality photo, you will need server-side image uploader method.

Tool will send selected file on the route passed with config.uploadURL. Then you free to implement your own file-saving scheme.

Expected server response format:

  "success": 1,
  "data" : {
    "url" : "/uploaded/file/path.jpg"

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