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Coderitter API adopted Remote Method API

An adoption of the remote-method-api package for the Coderitter API. Also refer to the original documentation.

Related packages

This package uses coderitter-api-remote-method-call. Also have a look at knight-criteria which can be used as read parameter for the corresponding remote methods calls. Also have a look at knight-orm which offers a way to interact with a database.

To carry out a remote method call from inside the browser take a look at the package coderitter-api-postonly-request.


npm install coderitter-api-remote-method-api


This package works in conjunction with coderitter-api-remote-method-call which provides a simple interface to describe a remote method call and class to describe a result.

interface RemoteMethodCall {
  method: string
  parameter?: any

class Result {
  type: string
  misfits!: Misfit[]
  remoteError!: string

Define result classes

The Coderitter API version of this package wants you to return Result objects. You need to derive a class for very use case. Take a look into the documentation of coderitter-api-remote-method-call.

import { Result } from 'coderitter-api-remote-method-call'

class UserCreateResult extends Result {
  constructor(public createdUser: User) { super() }

class UserReadResult extends Result {
  constructor(public readUsers: User) { super() }

class UserUpdateResult extends Result {
  constructor(public updatedUser: User) { super() }

class UserDeleteResult extends Result {
  constructor(public deletedUser: User) { super() }

Register remote methods

Once you defined your result classes you can register the remote methods. As parameter for the method you can use ReadCriteria from the package knight-criteria which offers a way to describe database queries. For the database access itself you can take a look at knight-orm which offers a way to interact with the database.

import { RemoteMethodApi } from 'coderitter-api-remote-method-api'
import { ReadCriteria } from 'knight-criteria'

let api = new RemoteMethodApi

// register remote methods
api.methods = {
  'User.create': async (parameter: any) => {
    let created = db.create(parameter)
    return new UserCreateResult(created)

  '': async (criteria: ReadCriteria) => {
    let users =
    return new UserReadResult(users)

  'User.update': async (parameter: any) => {
    let updated = db.update(parameter)
    return new UserUpdateResult(updated)

  'User.delete': async (parameter: any) => {
    let deleted = db.delete(parameter)
    return new UserDeleteResult(deleted)

Call a remote method

Now you are ready to make remote method calls.

import { RemoteMethodCall } from 'coderitter-api-remote-method-call'

let remoteMethodCall: RemoteMethodCall = {
  method: 'User.create',
  // the parameter can be of any type
  parameter: { name: 'Ruben' }

let result = await api.callMethod(remoteMethodCall)

// result is an instance of class UserCreateResult
result == {
  type: 'value',
  createdUser: {
    id: 1,
    name: 'Ruben'

Reaction to thrown exceptions inside the remotely called method

If the remotely called method throws an exception, an instance of class Result with a set remote error is returned.

Result.remoteError(`There was an error with your request. We just were informed that it happened and we will look into the issue. Please try again later.`)

Reaction to not supported remote method calls

If the remotely called method is not found, an instance of class Result with a set remote error is returned.

Result.remoteError(`Remote method '${method}' not supported.`)

Create a sophisticated remote method call handler with MethodCall interface

Instead of assigning a remote method call directly as a function you can also assign any object satisfying the interface MethodCall.

import { MethodCall } from 'coderitter-api-remote-method-api'

export default interface MethodCall {
  callMethod(parameter: any): Promise<Result>




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