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Core modules for includes both Code-core modules and Node.js core modules.


  • add


  • install into your project.

    $ npm install codegs-core
  • Import global module in your main file.

    if (typeof global === 'undefined') {
    • I'll add sample project later.
  • Execute command with option pointing to this package.

    $ code <MAINFILE> -c node_modules/codegs-core/code/gas -n node_modueles/codegs-core/node/v0.10.26 [...]
    • -c option specify where Code-core modules exists in.
    • -n option specify where Node-core modules exists in.


Code-core modules

folder: codegs-core/code/gas

Only one package gas exists currently. That includes modules: global, process, buffer, fs.

How it works

You should import global module at top of your main file.

  1. 'global' module set up global variable in global scope.

  2. import process module. process set up not full compatible with Node.js. and set Logger.log as stdout.

  3. If not exists, import console node-core module. console setup console object using process.stdout(Logger.log).

  4. import buffer into global scope. It's just dummy for util.js.

Now you can use other code-core modules or node-core modules(depending on those modules).

Node.js core modules

folder: codegs-core/node/v0.10.26

Four basic modules assert, util, console, path are there.

After import global code-core module, Those are available to use.

Those are imported from original Node.js project. see in that folder.