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This program computes technical debt for node programs.

Lines of code are spent. You start at $100. You don't get any more codebux.

You lose codebux for:

  • too much code
  • too many deeply-nested expressions

Your codebux score doesn't stop at $0, it keeps going down into the negative numbers.


For instance codebux itself has a score of:

$ codebux ~/projects/codebux
+   100.00  # initial stipend
-     5.63  # index.js
-     1.94  # lib/complexity.js
+    92.42

other projects don't fare as well:

$ codebux ~/projects/node-browserify
+   100.00  # initial stipend
-    12.55  # index.js
-    34.91  # lib/wrap.js
-     0.33  # lib/wrappers.js
-   100.32  # lib/watch.js
-    48.12


usage: codebux [files or directories...]
Recursively trace the static require() dependency graph for every file or
directory provided.


var codebux = require('codebux')

var s = codebux(file, cb)

Compute the codebux for file or directory entry point file. This file or directory's dependency graph will be recursively traversed to compute the score.

At the end of the traversal, cb(err, total) fires with the final codebux tally.

Returns an event emitter that you can latch onto for the specific scores for each file along the way.


s.on('price', fucntion (price, desc) { ... })

Emitted when a price gets computed, including the description of the price.

s.on('total', function (total) { ... })

Emitted with the running total every time a cost gets computed.

s.on('file', function (price, file)

Emitted when a file's cost has been completely calculated.


With npm, to get the bin script do:

npm install -g codebux

and to get the library do:

npm install codebux