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    CodeMirror Themes

    CodeMirror is a great online editor, however, it's lacking some good themes. So, here are a crap ton for your coding pleasure.

    I used this theme generator to export themes from editors such as Sublime Text, Ace Editor and TextMate.

    If something is not working or you would like a new feature, please use the issues page.


    Here's a theme I extracted from one of my favorite Sublime Themes (itg-flat).

    Click HERE for a demo where you can switch between various themes on the fly. A few modifications were made to the base styling to make the default theme look better; e.g. line-heights, fonts, etc. Some version have a default version included (from CodeMirror).


    You can install via bower and simply refer to the theme you want within the themes directory.

      $ bower i code-mirror-themes --save

    You can simply fork and clone (or download) the repo into your local directory and check out the themes folder for the CSS files.

      $ git clone
      $ cd code-mirror-themes/themes

    You can also run a server to run index.html for a demo showcasing all of the themes.


    Once you have the desired CSS file, you simply configure your CodeMirror editor and pass in the theme's name as the CodeMirror theme name (use lowercase and treat spaces with hyphens). For example, here's a simple configuration.

    // Theme Name: Bespin
    var myCodeMirror = CodeMirror(document.body, {
        mode: 'javascript',
        lineNumbers: true,
        theme: 'bespin'
    // Theme Name: All Hallow Eve
    var myCodeMirror = CodeMirror(document.body, {
        mode: 'javascript',
        lineNumbers: true,
        theme: 'all-hallow-eve'

    GUI Interface

    Also, here's a LINK for making SublimeText and TextMate themes with a visual interface. After saving the file, you can, then, take the file and run this theme generator for converting the XML to CodeMirror's CSS.


    I'll be adding more features; that said, if you'd like a feature, let me know so that I'll try and implement it into future updates.


    npm i code-mirror-themes

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