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create blocky modern art from code


Create blocky modern art from code.


var art = require('code-art');
var fs = require('fs');
var src = fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/../index.js', 'utf8');
var ws = fs.createWriteStream(__dirname + '/outline.png');
var colors = {
    FunctionExpression : [
        'rgb(240,240,40)', 'rgb(40,240,40)', 'rgb(40,40,240)', 'rgb(240,40,40)'
    Program : 'rgb(240,40,40)'
art(src, { colors : colors, height : 4, width: 2 }) .pipe(ws);


var art = require('code-art')

opts.colors should be a function fn(node) that returns color strings or arrays of colors or opts.colors can be an object that maps esprima node types to strings or arrays of colors.

When the resulting object lookup or function call for opts.colors is an array, an element from the array will be selected based on how many parents of the node share the same node type, modulo the length of the array.

opts.width is the width to use for each character, default 6.

opts.height is the height to use for each character, default 12.

If src is an Array, render each source item from left to right with opts.padding of separation.


With npm do:

npm install code-art