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TODO: um i guess it could listen for toots, find one that has a slang, and reply to it? hmmm.

tool to help you come up with cockney rhyming slang

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"We're in Barney" means "we're in trouble" because trouble rhymes with Barney Rubble.

var crs = require('cockney-rhyming-slang')
var slang = crs('cat')
=> { word: 'Doff', rhyme: 'hat', phrase: 'Doff your hat' }
console.log('my ' + slang.word + ' knocked over my glass of water for no reason')
console.log('GET IT? cuz cat rhymes with ' + slang.rhyme + ' and ' + slang.phrase)
// auto-replace everything you can in a big text, without explanation:
a_huge_text.split(" ").map(function(word){
  var match
  if(match = crs(word)){
    return match.word
  } else {
    return word
}).join(" ")


cockneyRhymingSlang(word) => if it can't find any words that rhyme with the given word, returns false => if it can't find any of the rhyming words in any of the phrases it knows about, returns false => otherwise, it returns an object that looks like:

  word: 'the_word_to_replace_the_given_word_with',
  rhyme: 'the_word_that_rhymed_with_the_given_word',
  phrase: 'the_phrase_that_contains_both_the_word_and_rhyme'