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esbonio ([Sphinx] Python Documentation Generator) language server extension for coc.nvim





:CocInstall coc-esbonio


Plug 'yaegassy/coc-esbonio', {'do': 'yarn install --frozen-lockfile'}

Detect: esbonio

  1. esbonio.server.pythonPath setting
  2. Current python3 environment (e.g. venv or system global)
  3. builtin venv/bin/python or venv/Scripts/python.exe (Installation commands are also provided)

Bult-in install

coc-esbonio allows you to create an extension-only "venv" and install "esbonio".

The first time you use coc-esbonio, if esbonio is not detected, you will be prompted to do a built-in installation.

You can also run the installation command manually.

:CocCommand esbonio.languageServer.install


esbonio's language server can also handle python file docstrings. coc-esbonio will activate the extension when the rst file is opened. If you want coc-esbonio to work with python file as well, you must first open the rst file.

Configuration options

  • esbonio.enable: Enable coc-esbonio extension, default: true
  • esbonio.client.sectionCharacterLevel1: Character to be used in the Section builder (level1) of the code action, default: "=",
  • esbonio.client.sectionCharacterLevel2: Character to be used in the Section builder (level2) of the code action, default: "-",
  • esbonio.client.sectionCharacterLevel3: Character to be used in the Section builder (level3) of the code action, default: "~",
  • esbonio.server.enabled: Enable/Disable the language server, default: true
  • esbonio.server.enabledInPyFiles: Enable/Disable the language server in Python files, default: true
  • esbonio.server.startupModule: The module (or script) to use to launch the server, default: esbonio
  • esbonio.server.excludedModules: A list of modules to exclude from the server's configuration, default: []
  • esbonio.server.includedModules: A list of additional modules to include in the server's configuration, default: []
  • esbonio.server.logLevel: The level of log message to show in the log, default: "error"
  • esbonio.server.logFilter: A list of logger names to limit output from, type: array, default: null
  • esbonio.server.pythonPath: The path to the Python interpreter to use when running the Langague Server.By default this extension will try to use the interpreter configured via the Python Extension. If you do not use the Python Extension or you wish to use a different environment, then this option can be used to override the default behavior., default: ""
  • esbonio.server.showDeprecationWarnings: Developer flag to enable deprecation warnings, default: false
  • esbonio.server.hideSphinxOutput: Hide Sphinx build output from the Language Server log, default: false
    • This option will be removed when the language server reaches v1.0. The esbonio.sphinx.quiet and esbonio.sphinx.silent options should be used instead.
  • esbonio.server.completion.preferredInsertBehavior: Indicate to the server how you would prefer completions to behave when accepted, valid opton: ["insert", "replace"], default: "replace"
  • esbonio.sphinx.buildDir: The directory in which to store Sphinx's build output.By default the Language Server will store any build files in a storage area provided by coc.nvim, this option allows you to override this to be a directory of your choosing e.g. your local _build/ directory, default: null
  • esbonio.sphinx.builderName: The builder to use when building the documentation, default: "html"
  • esbonio.sphinx.confDir: The Language Server should be able to automatically find the folder containing your project's '' file. However this setting can be used to force the Language Server to use a particular directory if required, default: ""
  • esbonio.sphinx.configOverrides: Any options to override, default: {}
  • esbonio.sphinx.doctreeDir: The directory in which to store Sphinx's doctree cache, default: null
  • esbonio.sphinx.forceFullBuild: Force a full build of the documentation project on server startup, default: false
  • esbonio.sphinx.keepGoing: Continue building when errors generated from warnings are encountered, default: false
  • esbonio.sphinx.makeMode: Flag indicating if the language server should be have like a sphinx-build -M ... command, default: true
  • esbonio.sphinx.numJobs: The number of parallel jobs to use during a Sphinx build, default: 1
    • A value of 0 is equivalent to passing -j auto to a sphinx-build command.
    • A value of 1 will disable parallel processing
  • esbonio.sphinx.quiet: Hide standard Sphinx output messages, default: false
  • esbonio.sphinx.silent: Hide all Sphinx output, default: false
  • esbonio.sphinx.srcDir: The directory containing your rst source files. By default the Language Server will assume this is the same as #esbonio.sphinx.confDir# but this opton can override this if necessary, default: ""
  • esbonio.sphinx.tags: Tags to enable during a build, default: []
  • esbonio.sphinx.verbosity: The verbosity of Sphinx's output, default: 0
  • esbonio.sphinx.warningIsError: Treat any warnings as errors, default: false
  • esbonio.trace.server: Traces the communication between coc.nvim and the esbonio language server, valid option: ["off", "messages", "verbose"], default: "off"


  • esbonio.languageServer.install: Install/Upgrade Language Server
  • esbonio.languageServer.restart: Restart Language Server

Code Actions

Example key mapping (Code Action related):

nmap <silent> ga <Plug>(coc-codeaction-line)
xmap <silent> ga <Plug>(coc-codeaction-selected)
nmap <silent> <leader>a <Plug>(coc-codeaction-cursor)


  • Section builder (level1)
  • Section builder (level2)
  • Section builder (level3)
  • Insert Link (cursol)
  • Insert Inline Link (cursol)
  • Insert Link (selected)
  • Insert Inline Link (selected)




This extension is built with create-coc-extension

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