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Simple wrapper to co and relate library, such as co-fs, co-wait, thunkify.. for easy use


Simple wrapper to co and relate library: co-fs, co-wait, thunkify, thunker, defer.


$ npm install co-common


Read a file

var co = require('co-common');
var fs = co.fs;
co(function* (){
    var content = yield fs.readFile('./filename', 'utf8');

Include Library

Relate library can be referred as co's attribute.

  • co
  • thunkify -- Turn a regular node function into one which returns a thunk
  • thunker -- Thunker takes module and returns Thunked API
  • co-wait -- setTimeout generator style
  • defer -- setImmediate and stuff with generators
  • co-fs -- nodejs core fs module thunk wrappers for "co"


For more co relate library visite here.