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    cncd-env - parse variables in cncd/pipeline environments

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    This package provies an API for parsing and validating the CI context environment variables in a cncd/pipeline environment.


    yarn add cncd-env


    const ciParse = require('cncd-env');
    const { buildNumber, buildStarted, buildStatus } = ciParse().vars;
    console.log(`buildNumber is ${buildNumber}`);
    // or, if you wish:
    const ci = ciParse();
    console.log(`buildNumber is ${ci.buildNumber}`);
    // and so forth...

    CI Environment Reference

    Name Type Description
    buildCreated timestamp build create time
    buildEvent string build event (push, pull_request, tag, ...)
    buildFinished timestamp build finish time
    buildLink string build result link
    buildNumber number build number
    buildStarted timestamp build start time
    buildStatus string build status (success, failure)
    buildTarget string build target
    commitAuthor string author name
    commitAuthorAvatar string commit author avatar url
    commitAuthorEmail string commit author email
    commitAuthorName string commit author name
    commitBranch string commit branch
    commitMessage string commit message
    commitRef string commit ref
    commitRefspec string commit ref spec
    commitSha string commit sha
    jobNumber number job number
    parentBuildNumber number parent build number
    prevBuildCreated timestamp build create time (previous build)
    prevBuildEvent string build event (push, pull_request, tag, ...) (previous build)
    prevBuildFinished timestamp build finish time (previous build)
    prevBuildLink string build result link (previous build)
    prevBuildNumber number build number (previous build)
    prevBuildStarted timestamp build start time (previous build)
    prevBuildStatus string build status (success, failure) (previous build)
    prevCommitAuthor string author name (previous build)
    prevCommitAuthorAvatar string commit author avatar url (previous build)
    prevCommitAuthorEmail string commit author email (previous build)
    prevCommitAuthorName string commit author name (previous build)
    prevCommitBranch string commit branch (previous build)
    prevCommitMessage string commit message (previous build)
    prevCommitRef string commit ref (previous build)
    prevCommitRefspec string commit ref spec (previous build)
    prevCommitSha string commit sha (previous build)
    remoteUrl string repository url
    repo string repository name
    repoLink string repository link
    repoName string repository name
    repoPrivate boolean repository is private
    repoRemote string repository url
    system string CI system
    systemArch string CI system host architecture
    systemHost string CI system host
    systemLink string link to CI system
    systemName string name of CI system
    systemVersion string CI system version


    View the LICENSE file (MIT).


    npm i cncd-env

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