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Sencha Cmd Plus

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An experiment to run the right sencha cmd version based on the current ./.sencha/{app|workspace|package}/sencha.cfg file

This is just a wrapper for sencha so you can use it transparently, just change sencha by cmd-plus and boom!


Just install cmd-plus as a global module:

$ sudo npm install -g cmd-plus

You need to have the same cmd version installed (in this version in the default installation folder).



You can check your installed versions with:

$ cmd-plus list

use [version] {sencha cmd options}

This will generate a new app using cmd version

$ cmd-plus use -sdk ../touch-2.4.0 generate app MyApp MyApp


Returns the current cmd-plus version

$ cmd-plus version
cmd-plus v1.0.0


Running any other sencha cmd command is transparent:

$ cmd-plus which

This will execute the current installed sencha which command. But, if you are under a sencha touch / extjs root app folder it will read the ./.sencha/app/sencha.cfg file and use the cmd version from it. If it is not installed it will default to the latest version.