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  1. Install nvm and node (v4.4.5^).

  2. Create a folder, navigate to it and run the following command.

npm install clusterpost-execution

This installation step generated a conf.json file and index.js


Edit conf.js with a local path to store the data in the local machine and the URL of the machine running the clusterpost-server application -> https://youripaddress:8180

For version

Configuration options:

	"uri": "https://localhost:8180",
	"engine" : "engine_unix", 
	"storagedir" : "./clusterpost_storage"

Supported grid engines

* UNIX unix based systems

Change your configuration file to 'engine_unix'

* LSF load sharing facilities

Change your configuration file to 'engine_lsf'

* PBS Sun Grid Engine jobs and queues

Change your configuration file to 'engine_pbs'

Token configuration

SSH configuration

The authentication token is copied from the clusterpost-server to the computing grid via 'ssh'. It will be copied to the 'execution_server' path set in the configuration.

Remote clusterpost-execution

The authentication token needs to be downloaded from the server and set in the 'clusterpost_execution' configuration. You may add the following fields to the conf.json.

	"tokenfile": "/path/to/the/token.json"		


	"token": "copy and paste the token from the downloaded file"

or rename the file token.json to '.token' and copy it into the clusterpost-execution folder in the computing grid.

2.1 Remote execution only

This tool allows users to execute the clusterpost-execution

2.2 For versions previous to v1.1.0

If you configured the clusterpost-server with an SSL certificate, you will need a copy of the certificate.

To retrieve the certificate from the server running clusterpost-server

openssl s_client -showcerts -connect localhost:8180 </dev/null 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -outform PEM > certificate.pem

Where localhost:8180 must be changed by the IP address running clusterpost-server.

Change the path to the certificate accordingly in the configuration file


npm i clusterpost-execution

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