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Manage your node cluster. With zero downtime


UNMAINTAINED – But turns out this module still works with node 6

A cluster manager with a built in CLI and a simple API for plugins. clu will spawn the requested number of workers, which will share the same port. This way the load gets distributed across all workers and multiple cores can be used effectively. It uses the node cluster API to do this.

Inspired by cluster.


  • built in CLI (optional)
  • zero downtime restarts
  • restarts workers one after another
  • add or remove workers on the fly
  • uses the node cluster API

  1. npm install --save clu

  2. Create a server.js that starts your app.

    var clu = require('clu');
      exec: './app.js',
      workers: 2,
      silent: false,
      silentWorkers: true,
      cli: true
    // short: clu.createCluster('./app.js');
  3. Start your cluster with node server start

Use node server --help for a list of all commands.

You can also start the server with node server. This will start the server in the foreground.

Plugins can be used like this:

var cluDnode = require('clu-dnode');

Built in:

  • clu.repl() - a repl interface


3rd Party: contact me if you create any :)