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Make copying on the web as easy as:

clipboard.copy("This text is plain.");

Note: in most browsers, copying is only allowed if clipboard.copy() is triggered in direct response to a user gesture like a click or a key press.

Copy rich text

  "text/plain": "Markup text. Paste me into a rich text editor.",
  "text/html": "<i>Markup</i> <b>text</b>. Paste me into a rich text editor."

Copy a DOM node as markup


(Uses XMLSerializer.)

Use the copy outcome as a Promise (optional):

  function(err){console.log("failure", err);}


Pasting plain strings currently works in IE.

  function(result) {console.log(result);},
  function(err) {console.log("failure", err);}


Get the source using one of the following:

  • clipboard.js or clipboard.min.js
  • npm install clipboard-js
  • bower install clipboard.js

Load the script:

<script src="clipboard.js"></script>

Then copy a string or an object (mapping data types to values) as above.

What about zenorocha/clipboard.js?

This project is half a year older. :-P
I created it partially to test the clipboard API while reviewing it for Chrome (I work on Chrome security), and partially to use in my own project.

I wouldn't have created this project if zenorocha/clipboard.js had already existed, but both projects have different uses right now. The fundamental difference is that this project hijacks the copy event, while zenorocha/clipboard.js uses fake element selection. Some details (as of November 2015):

This project zenorocha/clipboard.js
Supports plain strings, text/html, and DOM nodes Only supports plain strings
≈100 lines ≈700 lines
1.5KB minimized + gzipped 2.9KB minimized + gzipped
Doesn't change document selection Clears document selection
Only an imperative API (clipboard.copy()) Declarative DOM-based API
Uses Promises ---
Supports paste (in IE) ---
--- Offers a fallback prompt (Press Ctrl+C to copy)

This is way too complicated!

Try this gist for a simpler solution.

Can I use it?

  • Chrome 42+
  • Firefox 41+
  • Opera 29+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 10+