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A JavaScript wrapper for the ClickTime SOAP API


In your node project:

$ npm install clicktime

And in your script:

var Clicktime = require('clicktime');


The module exports a class with a single method, exec, which can be used to execute any ClickTime SOAP API call. (Link to API documentation below)

clicktime.exec(method, parameters, callback(data));

Where method (string) is the API method you wish to call, parameters (hash/object) is the API parameters represented as name: value, and the callback function to be performed when data is received.


First, create an instance of the ClickTime object:

var clicktime = new ClickTime({ key: 'your-api-key', password: 'your-api-password' });

The GetEmployeeList API method, as defined in the ClickTime API docs:

<GetEmployeeList xmlns="">

To execute this query you would call the following:

clicktime.exec('GetEmployeeList', {UserID: 'some-user-id', ActiveOnly: true}, function(response){

ClickTime SOAP API Documentation: