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Modular command line interface toolkit


Modular command line interface toolkit.

npm install cli-toolkit
npm test

To fetch all the modules and then run the tests:

npm run refresh

Lightweight yet feature rich argument parser

The argparse module is a lightweight yet extremely capable argument parser consisting of ~100 lines of code.

Command execution

The command module glues define and argparse adding support for more complex command parsing and execution.

Chainable argument builder

The define module allows you to define your programs commands, options and flags in an intuitive and flexible manner using chained method calls.

Unified error handling

The error module is designed around errors with associated exit status codes, it supports i18n should you need it and integrates seamlessly with ttycolor.

Utilities for working with LC environment variables

The locale module provides some utility functions for inspecting the terminal environment and extracting a locale identifer.

Colors that respect the tty

The ttycolor module provides support for ANSI escape sequences whilst ensuring your log files are never cluttered with escape sequences.

Utility functions for the toolkit

The util module provides some common functions shared across modules, typically for manipulating strings.

This package does not include any code, it serves as a location to document the modules and as a mechanism for running tests across all the modules.

It is also a convenient way to fetch all the modules if you wish to use them all.

Everything is MIT. Read the license if you feel inclined.