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The cli-color module but TTY aware. It provides a cli-color compatible API that doesn't colorize your strings for non-TTY use.


var clc = require('cli-color-tty')(true)
// clc is = require('cli-color') 
console.log('RED')) // -> '\x1b[31mRED\x1b[39m' 
clc = require('cli-color-tty')(false)
// clc is a cli-color compatible API that doesn't colorize 
console.log('RED')) // -> 'RED' 


var clc = require('cli-color-tty')(/* true/false/default: process.stdout.isTTY */)

After calling the factory function, use it as per the cli-color docs.

Pass true to the factory function to get back the cli-color module.
Pass false to get back a cli-color compatible object that doesn't colorize your strings.
Defaults to process.stdout.isTTY