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    JavaScript client for Clever-Cloud API.

    How to build

    First you need to install the npm dependencies:

    npm install

    Then you need to run the npm script build and provide the API endpoint you want to use:

    API_BASE_URL="" npm run build

    This will build a two bundles (non-minified and minified) in dist: clever-client.js and clever-client.min.js. Those bundles can be used with node.js or in a browser environment.

    How to release

    Once you've built a client, you can create a release and publish it on

    To create a new release, you need to update package.json and package-lock.json with the new version, create a commit and add a git tag. This can be done with this command:

    npm version minor

    NOTE: Most of the time, you need to update the client because the API changed. For this kind of cases a minor update will be OK. If a minor update is not what you're looking for, you can check the other options of npm version.

    After this step, you're ready to publish this new version:

    npm publish

    How to build for preprod and test it locally without publishing

    If you're working with a new (or modified) API that is only available on the preprod env, you need a way to generate a client for this version and use it locally in your projects.

    To do this, you need to run the build script with the preprod endpoint:

    API_BASE_URL="" npm run build

    Then, you need to generate a local package:

    npm pack

    This will generate a local archive named clever-client-X.Y.Z.tgz. You can use this archive in your local projects to try and test the new (or modified) APIs.

    If your project uses npm, you'll have to do this:

    npm install path/to/clever-client-X.Y.Z.tgz

    This will override the version specified in the package.json.

    If your project uses yarn, you'll have to do this:

    yarn cache clean clever-client
    yarn add -f path/to/clever-client-X.Y.Z.tgz


    npm i clever-client

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