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    CleverStack Google Authentication Module

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    CleverStack NodeJS Authentication Module

    This CleverStack Module provides Google Authentication for the clever-auth module.


    • Works with both the clever-orm and the clever-odm modules.
    • Easy to use configuration prompts, grunt prompt:cleverAuthGoogleConfig.
    • Easily installed using the CleverStack CLI, clever install clever-auth-google.
    • Use with the clever-users module - OR - with any other module that exports the UserController, UserService and UserModel resources/classes.
    • Other Authentication Strategies: Github, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox - as well as local authentication out of the box.


    1. You must be using cleverstack-cli version 1.2.2 or newer.
    2. Your project must be using node-seed version 1.2.1 or newer.
    3. You must either install the clever-users module, or any other module that provides the UserController, UserService and UserModel resources/classes.
    4. You must have clever-auth version 1.2.3 or newer.


    Using CLI

    1. Run clever install clever-auth-google and follow the prompts
    2. Run clever serve to start your application.

    Without CLI

    1. Clone this repo (or untar it there) into your modules folder (ie modules/clever-auth-google)
    2. Run grunt prompt:cleverAuthGoogleConfig and fill in your configuration options.
    3. Run grunt db to rebase and seed the data.
    4. Run grunt server to start your application.



    For more information about how modules (including clever-auth-google) are configured, please see the Documentation sections, Backend Configuration and Module Configuration for more information.

    Grunt prompts

    1. grunt prompt:cleverAuthGoogleConfig can be used to generate your config for any environment you want.


    clientID - your google oauth2 client id.

      "clever-auth-google": {
        "clientID"     : "486f044b3383cdc29388"

    clientSecret - your google oauth2 client secret.

      "clever-auth-google": {
        "clientSecret" : "f28246b75d34625decc9d835a15107a51f1e8225"

    callbackURL - the callback (return) url google will return you to.

      "clever-auth-google": {
        "callbackURL"  : "http://localhost:8080/auth/google/return",


    See for more detailed information on the Node Seed or visit the Getting Started Guide if you have never used CleverStack before.


    See our LICENSE


    npm i clever-auth-google

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