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    Clerobee - a featureful UID generator



    ======== clerobee is a very handy utility library allowing to generate UIDs considering actual time, network resources and process in a distributed environment.

    Use cases

    Following use cases are supported:

    • Normal UIDs: Identifiers for general usage with length between 4 and 256. Can be used as cryptographic keys, user IDs, session keys, etc.

    • Derived UIDs: To express ownership-like relations between identifiers.

      If you have to identify devices and be able to link them to a user with verify the ownership against the userID, then simply generate a UID for the user and generate derived UIDs for the devices.

      Therethrough the ownership of the device where for example a REST request is coming, can be verified.

    • Sourced UIDs: Using a JS object data as source for the generation process.

      For example to generate product/license keys based on user information and to check if they can be matched while a possible registration process later on.


    var Cerobee = require('clerobee');
    // optional default length for the IDS is passed.
    // 16 would be used if nothing is given.
    var cerobee = new Cerobee( 128 );
    // generate a normal UID with length of 128
    var nID = cerobee.generate();
    // generate a normal UID with length of 16
    var nID_2 = cerobee.generate( 16 );
    // Generates derived UID using the 'nID' as basis.
    // Its length will be the same: 128
    var sID = cerobee.generate( nID );
    // Tests if 'sID' is really derived from 'nID'.
    // Test will fail will any other UIDs but 'sID'
    var test_1 = cerobee.isDerived( nID, sID );
    // Creates user data
    var customer = { email:'' };
    // Generates Sourced UID based on customer data with length of 128
    var pID = cerobee.generate( customer, 128 );
    // Tests if the given sourced UID relly carries the given user data.
    // Test will fail with any other pair of user data and UID but this
    var test_2 = cerobee.isSourced( reference, 128, pID );

    And that's it!




    • 0.0.1: Initial release...


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