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Cleanup unused agents in Azure self-hosted agent pools.


First, make sure you have an Azure Personal Access Token (PAT) with Read & manage permission on the Agent Pools scope. This is the same permission required to use the self-hosted agent, so if you've already generated a token for that purpose you can reuse it here.

Screenshot of Azure Scopes settings

You can run the utility by installing it globally:

npm install -g cleanup-unused-azure-agents
cleanup-unused-azure-agents --org Acme --pool 'My Pool' --token XXXX

Or, you can run via npx:

npx cleanup-unused-azure-agents --org Acme --pool 'My Pool' --token XXXX

By default, the utility will poll connected agents once and then pause for 3 minutes before polling a second time. Any agents that were configured but offline in both poll passes will then by deleted from the specified self-hosted agent pool. This behavior is an attempt to prevent race conditions, where a self-hosted agent may be in the middle of connecting from a reboot (in the first phase) or disconnecting due to a reboot (in the second phase). If desired, you can make this delay longer or shorter by passing the optional --delay property.

# Use a delay of 5 minutes instead of the usual 3 minutes
npx cleanup-unused-azure-agents --org Acme --pool 'My Pool' --token XXXX --delay 300

To run on more than one agent pool at once, specify multiple --pool flags or provide a comma-separated list:

npx cleanup-unused-azure-agents --org Acme --pool 'Pool 1,Pool 2' --token XXXX
npx cleanup-unused-azure-agents --org Acme --pool 'Pool 1' --pool 'Pool 2' --token XXXX


Pull requests welcome. To ensure tests pass locally:

npm install
npm test
npm run coverage


This is a community project that provides additional functionality for the Azure DevOps service. It is not published by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Microsoft. All trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

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