Lookup cities based on zipcodes or GPS coordinates.


Cities is an easy to use Node.js library to allow you to lookup a city by it's zipcode or by a set of GPS coordinates.

Like any node.js application.

npm install
node server.js

You can then visit http://localhost:4000 with the endpoints /gps/:lat/:lng or /zip/:zipcode to get locations.

Easy. Require "cities": "1.x" in package.json, then do npm install.

var cities = require('cities');
cities.gps_lookup(lat, lng);

A sample response or object that this module returns looks like this.

    zipcode: "07946",
    state_abbr: "NJ",
    latitude: "40.672823",
    longitude: "-74.52011",
    city: "Millington",
    state: "New Jersey"