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Lookup cities based on zipcodes or GPS coordinates.


Cities is an easy to use Node.js library to allow you to lookup a city by it's zipcode or by a set of GPS coordinates (reverse geocoding).

At the moment, this package only supports US cities only. There are plans to extend this in the next version.

Like any node.js application.

npm install
node server.js

You can then visit http://localhost:4000 with the endpoints /gps/:lat/:lng or /zip/:zipcode to get locations.

npm install cities --save
var cities = require('cities');
cities.gps_lookup(lat, lng);

A sample response or object that this module returns looks like this.

    zipcode: "07946",
    state_abbr: "NJ",
    latitude: "40.672823",
    longitude: "-74.52011",
    city: "Millington",
    state: "New Jersey"