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Creating interactive circular migration plots for the web using D3.

Circular Migration Plot

Creating interactive circular migration plots for the web using D3, like and

Install globally with npm:

npm install circular-migration-plot -g

You may want to filter countries with small migration flows:

cmp-filter data/countries.csv data/flows.csv

Build the matrix json processible by the library out of the csv input file.

cmp-compile file [OPTIONS]

  • --regions, -r: Sort order for regions
  • --pretty, -p: Pretty print result JSON
cmp-compile flows.csv
cmp-compile -
cat flows.csv | cmp-compile
cmp-compile flows.csv --regions North,West
cmp-compile flows.csv --regions North,West --pretty
  <script src="dist/circular-migration-plot.js"></script> 
  <div id=timeline></div>
  <div id=chart></div>
      data: 'json/sample.json',
      chart: '#chart',
      timeline: '#timeline'

See index.html.

head -n30 data/flows.csv | cmp-filter data/countries.csv | cmp-compile > migration-flows.json

To run the unit tests:

npm test

For JShint:

npm run jshint

The JavaScript is build using Browserify and then compressed with UglifyJS:

npm run build

Packagued files land in dist folder.

A development server can be run with

npm start

Copyright (c) 2014 null2 GmbH Berlin
This work as well as the sample data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.