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Tiny utility to safely stringify objects with circular references.


Replace all circular references with the string [Circular];

var circular = require('circular');
var obj = {}; var child = {parent: obj}; obj.child = child;
var str = JSON.stringify(obj, circular());
// => {"child":{"parent":"[Circular]"}} 

If you prefer you can pass an alternative string to use:

var str = JSON.stringify(obj, circular('#ref'));

Or a function that returns a string:

function ref(value){return '' + value};
var str = JSON.stringify(obj, circular(ref));

As of version 1.0.4 you can also pass an additional boolean that will convert function references to strings, useful for converting javascript modules to couchdb design documents.

var str = JSON.stringify(obj, circular(null, true));


Everything is MIT. Read the license if you feel inclined.