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Status: DEV


Cifre is a fast crypto toolkit for modern client-side JavaScript. This is done by taking the best crypto code for js on the net and updating it to use modern technologies.

There are plans to collaborate with the amazing forge project. See Issue 3.


npm install cifre


Development is done on NodeJS but the library is intended to be used in the browser.

A major cleanup and refactor is planned once collaboration with forge progresses.


Import from forge:

git clone ~/forge
cp -f ~/forge/js/*.js ./forge
cd ./forge
rm debug.js forge.js form.js http.js log.js pkcs7.js socket.js task.js tls.js tlssocket.js xhr.js prime.worker.js


The cifre code is licensed under MIT.

The cifre code incorporates code from forge which is licensed under BSD or GPL. See here.