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a teeny git-based continuous integration server

build status


Just hack up a cicada server:

var http = require('http');
var cicada = require('cicada');
var ci = cicada('/tmp/blarg');
ci.on('commit', function (commit) {'test').on('exit', function (code) {
        var status = code === 0 ? 'PASSED' : 'FAILED';
        console.log(commit.hash + ' ' + status);
var server = http.createServer(ci.handle);

run it

$ node example/ci.js 

push some code to it:

$ git push http://localhost:5255/choose.git 
To http://localhost:5255/choose.git
   c79cef8..3537c0f  master -> master

and watch the results whiz by!

b7c19c9fd2c34176bd6eef436a69ab7a470ff98d PASSED
c79cef8c54a9abc2b2d6ecd179d41463767be526 FAILED
3537c0f83606788bdfb065242a6851b20504fe3e PASSED


var cicada = require('cicada')

var ci = cicada(opts, cb)

Create a new ci server using opts.repodir for storing git blobs and opts.workdir for checking out code.

If opts.repodir is a function, check out repositories to the directory specified by the return value of opts.repodir(repo) where repo is the repo name as a string.

If opts.workdir is a function, check out repositories to the directory specified by the return value of opts.workdir(commit) where commit is a commit object described below.

If opts is a string, use opts + '/repo' and opts + '/work'.

If opts.basedir is a string, use opts.basedir + '/repo' and opts.basedir + '/work'.

If opts.bare is true the repo will not be checked out into the workdir during a push. If not specified opts.bare defaults to false.

If cb is provided, it acts as a listener for the 'commit' event.

ci.handle(req, res)

Handle requests from an http server. This is necessary to make git work over http.

ci.checkout(repo, commit, branch, cb)

Manually check out a commit into the workdir.

The errback cb(err, commit) fires with an error or a commit object.


ci.on('push', function (push) {})

Emitted when somebody pushes to the server.

push comes from the pushover module.

If you implement a on('push') handler you must call push.accept() inside of it for the push to complete, otherwise the git client will hang on the other end.

ci.on('commit', function (commit) {})

After a push occurs, the commit will be checked out into the workdir. Once the commit is all checked out, this event fires with a commit handle described below.

ci.on('error', function (err) {}

Emitted when errors occur.

commit object

Commit objects are emitted by the 'commit' event or they may be created manually with the ci.checkout() function., opts)

Run a command from the package.json script hash with npm run-script.

Returns the process object.

commit.spawn(command, args, opts)

Spawn an ordinary shell command in the commit.dir.

Returns the process object.

commit properties

commit objects have these properties:

  • commit.hash - the full git hash string for this commit
  • - a combination of the hash and the date in microseconds
  • commit.dir - the working directory the commit is checked out into
  • commit.repo - the repository this commit came from
  • commit.branch - the branch this commit came from


With npm do:

npm install cicada