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    Chrome tab reloader plugin

    This is Livereload alternative for non localhost working environments. So if you work in cloud based environment where you can only see the code result after it uploads to server, This module shall help you to reload the Chrome tab once your code is uploaded.

    It shall work for you if you are using task runner like gulp,

    Also you need any other npm tool to pair us with chrome-tab-reloader which uploads your code to server and gives you callback on this action with filename of a file which has just uploaded to server.

    Here is an example of using chromeTabReloader in pair with dwdav and dw-utils plugins for Demandware platform:

    var gulp = require("gulp"),
            dwdav = require('dwdav'),
            config = require('@tridnguyen/config'),
            gutil = require('gulp-util'),
            chromeTabReloader = require('chrome-tab-reloader'),
    function upload(files) {
        var credentials = config('../dw.json', { caller: false });
        var server = dwdav(credentials);
        Promise.all( {
            return, file));
        })).then(function() {
            gutil.log('Uploaded ' + files.join(',') + ' to the server'));
        }).catch(function(err) {
            gutil.log('Error uploading ' + files.join(','), err));
    var filesToWatchToUpload = [
    gulp.task('watch:server', function() {
        tabReloaderInstance = new chromeTabReloader({
            port: 8001
   , { interval: 1000 }, function(event) {
            setTimeout(function() {
            }, 500);

    dw.json if file generated with dw-utils init command.

    files is an array of file names of files being uploaded.

    Once gulp watch:server command is on you will have tabReloader npm module waiting for chrome plugin to connect to it.

    Once chromeTabReloader is installed in your browser you can click on the green circle icon in your extensions bar, it shall establish connection with running npm process.

    Here is the page from which you can install cromeTabReloader plugin

    The tab on which you where while activating plugin shall be the one to reload once new file upload is spotted. You can activate it for multiple tabs at once.


    npm i chrome-tab-reloader

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